About Etc.

Greetings and welcome! Located in the Geneseo community, Et Cetera is an online interdisciplinary magazine rooted in the philosophy that textual, visual, and audio material, both experimental and traditional in form, should work together in concert. All too often do we find strict intellectual boundaries in academia, and all too often do we divide ourselves from our peers in the process. So, as scholars and artists of so many modes of creative and investigative thought—whether that be literary or musical, mathematical or political, scientific or theatrical, etc—it is important that we share a collaborative space and do our best to dissolve the barriers that separate us as one thing or another.

Et Cetera wants you to submit whatever you feel fits this belief system, whatever you feel exemplifies and expands it. Send in academic essays, artwork, and short movies. Send in music, poetry, and lab reports. Send in fiction, opinion pieces, and reviews. Simply put, send in what interests you. We would love to work with any and all material that showcases the wide array of talents and curiosities exhibited by Geneseo students on a daily basis. 

Please feel free to contact zm1@geneseo.edu or aid1@geneseo.edu for more information!